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  • ID H 402 - House Resources and Conservation Committee
    INJECTION WELLS – Amends existing law to remove and revise provisions regarding class II injection wells.
    02/19/2024 - Read second time; filed for Third Reading
  • ID H 438 - House Health and Welfare Committee
    IMMUNIZATIONS – Amends existing law to require notification by school officials to parents of rights regarding immunizations.
    02/20/2024 - Read second time; Filed for Third Reading
  • ID H 439 - House Health and Welfare Committee
    IDAHO IMMUNIZATION ASSESSMENT BOARD – Amends session law to extend a sunset date to 2029.
    02/20/2024 - U.C. to hold place on third reading calendar one legislative day
  • ID H 521 - House Revenue and Taxation Committee
    TAXATION – Amends, repeals, and adds to existing law to revise provisions regarding tax rates, school facilities funding, and school district bond and tax levy elections.
    02/20/2024 - Reported out of Committee with Do Pass Recommendation, Filed for Second Reading
  • ID H 597 - House Health and Welfare Committee
    IMMUNIZATIONS – Amends existing law to allow students of majority age to submit a signed statement for exemption from immunizations requirements.
    02/20/2024 - Reported Printed and Referred to Health & Welfare
  • ID S 1268 - Senate Finance Committee
    APPROPRIATIONS – HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES – Relates to the maintenance appropriations to the Department of Health and Welfare and the State Independent Living Council for fiscal years 2025.
    02/20/2024 - Received from Senate; Signed by Speaker; Returned to Senate
  • ID S 1269 - Senate Finance Committee
    APPROPRIATIONS – NATURAL RESOURCES – Relates to the maintenance appropriation to Natural Resources for fiscal year 2025.
    02/20/2024 - Reported signed by the Speaker & ordered delivered to Governor
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